Green Hosting

Show your visitors that your website is eco friendly. Any website hosted with Aussiecom is encouraged to use our green hosting verification script. The script confirms that a website is hosted on Aussiecom's servers and therefore is green.

See below for an example of how our green verification script works.

Below is an example of a successful verification.
i.e website is hosted by Aussiecom and green verification is certified.



Below is an example of an unsuccessful verification.
i.e website is not hosted by Aussiecom and verification will appear as failed.

GreenNot Verified


Aussiecom introduces Green Web Site Hosting

Aussiecom has committed to conducting Quarterly reviews of its carbon footprint, estimating the emissions generated for every aspect of its business including the daily operation and maintenance of hosting servers, routers and air conditioners. Following each review the company will purchase carbon credits to cover one hundred per cent of its estimated emissions. This ensures that whatever power Aussiecom uses, an equivalent amount is fed back into the electricity grid from wind or solar power, rather than non-sustainable means.

The result for customers is the assurance that the purchase of Aussiecom hosting services offers an environmentally responsible means of powering their web sites, enabling them to play a positive part in climate change without any affect on the day-to-day operations of their business. To promote the idea of offsetting business carbon emissions and to prompt others to similarly consider their carbon footprint, all Aussiecom customers will be encouraged to use a new “Green Hosting” logo on their web sites.

“Few people stop to consider how much power is required to keep their website running 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” comments Aussiecom managing director, Nick Forde. “Data centres and their associated cooling and infrastructure account for an estimated 0.8 per cent of the world’s electricity use[1]. That may not sound like much but it is equivalent to the annual output of 14 one thousand megawatt power stations. As a participant in this industry we feel that Aussiecom can make a small but essential and positive contribution by offsetting our carbon footprint.”

Since inception Aussiecom has sought to minimise its impact upon the environment, striving to create a socially responsible business and to encourage and inspire others to do the same.Office procedures include such measures as billing all customers electronically to reduce waste. Staff are encouraged to recycle as much plastic, cardboard and paper as possible. To reduce automobile emissions, employees are allowed to telecommute whenever practical and are also encouraged to car pool.

[1] Power usage figures taken from “Estimating Total Power Consumption By Servers in the U.S. and the World”, by Jonathan G. Koomey, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Consulting Professor, Stanford University. For the complete report visit http://enterprise.amd.com/Downloads/svrpwrusecompletefinal.pdf

Aussiecom and the Environment

Everything that Aussiecom uses in the operations of our business, including servers, routers and air conditioners are eco powered so not only are you hosting your website on state of the art hardware you are also showing your commitment to a more sustainable world.

At Aussiecom we believe in a more sustainable world for all and that every single business, no matter how large or small should also play a role in this responsibility. Organisations large and small are constantly working on reducing their environmental emissions to meet government imposed and self-imposed emissions caps. You can sleep well knowing that your online presence is contributing to the prevention of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. The purchase of Aussiecom hosting services will be equivalent to planting several acres of trees or removing several cars from the road. We have calculated our carbon footprint (emissions) which represent the impact of everything that Aussiecom uses in the operations of our business, including the hosting servers, routers and air conditioners. In order to neutralise these emissions we have purchased carbon credits to offset emisions.

Aussiecom strives to create a socially responsible business and to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

What else does Aussiecom do to help the environment?

* To reduce waste, we bill electronically.
* We recycle as much as we can: plastic, cardboard and paper.
* To reduce automobile emissions, we allow our employees to telecommute as much as is practical. We also encourage our employees to car pool as often as they can.
* Participate in socially responsible events such as Earth Hour.

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