Our Mission

At Aussiecom our ultimate mission is to ensure our clients are extremely successful with their online marketing and are very happy with our services and support.

  • socially responsible
  • environmentally responsible
  • provide great value for money
  • provide a top level of service
  • grow the business through referrals from ecstatic clients and partners
  • profitable & secure
  • progressive and constantly improving
  • commitment to mission-critical reliability
  • prompt and helpful support

In order to achieve this, we must offer a complete range of internet services and support at a very high standard, and we must have a close ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure they are continuing to achieve great results in the longer term.

We realise that if we achieve this, Aussiecom will receive an increasing number of client referrals, ensuring our continued growth and financial stability well into the future.

No business can rest on their laurels. There is always room for improvement and we are continuously striving to improve our business. We regularly review our services and get feedback from our clients. Being a progressive and constantly improving company will help us stay in front of our competition.

Many of our clients require mission critical reliability, and we are constantly reviewing and improving our systems and infrastructure to minimise downtime. As a result we have one of the most secure hosting environments available and if anything does ever go wrong, our clients can rest assured that our 24 hour system administrators are already sorting it out.

Aussiecom will always remain a socially and environmentally responsible company that it's employees and clients can be proud of. We try to use 'green power' wherever possible and we sponsor many charities and other good causes who require our services.