Aussiecom Free Remote Support

Do you need a quick solution to your technical problem (possibly email problems?!).

Aussiecom offers a FREE remote support service for our clients where we can share control of your computer (PC or Mac) remotely and configure it while you watch.

For example, if you are having problems sending or receiving email we can login and usually sort it out within 5 minutes while you sit back and watch your screen!

This process is very secure and no software is installed on your computer. If you want, you can delete the single downloaded file from your computer as soon as we've finished.You are in full control of your computer during the remote support session. You can always watch your screen to see what we're doing and you always have overriding control of your keyboard and mouse so you can end the session easily at any time.

To allow an Aussiecom support person to see your screen remotely and share control of your keyboard and mouse (for a single session only) please follow these simple steps...

STEP 1) Click the relevant button below to download a file then open it. If your security/firewall software pops up with any alerts/warnings, please click the option to say it's ok. Otherwise your software may block us from logging in.


STEP 2) Once you've opened the file that you downloaded in step 1, it should now be showing you an ID number and a password like the example below. Give both the ID number and password to the Aussiecom support person via phone or email.

STEP 3) Sit back and relax while you watch your computer screen as we share your screen, keyboard and mouse, and take care of everything within a few minutes!

NOTE - This is a 100% free service for Aussiecom clients only. Aussiecom reserves the right to refuse this free service or stop offering it at any time.
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