Online Directory package

  • Are you looking at creating an online directory or a ‘links’ directory? Do you want it to basically run itself, and allow directory advertisers to add their own listings, update their own listings, and pay for their own listings online?
  • Do you want to offer different types of listings for advertisers with different needs and budgets?
  • Do you want to automatically check to make sure that if you are linking to an advertisers web site, their site is linking back to your directory?
  • Don’t want to be trapped into lengthly contracts?

Why not start with the Aussiecom Online Directory Package!

Landing Page

Upfront Cost


Ongoing Cost

$220/monthor $2,200/year inc GST

Minimum Term

1 month

To get started, call us on 1300 300 350 or continue reading for more info.

  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Email Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Domain Name
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Website Development
  • Monthly Statistic Report

Our Online Directory Package includes

Web Hosting

Our websites are hosted on fast, secure and reliable servers. Daily backups are made on remote servers so ensure your site is safe 24/7. Click here for full details.

Email Hosting

Up to 5 email addresses (mailboxes)

Domain Name Registration

We will register a .com or domain in your name so you have FULL ownership of it.

Domain Name Renewal & Management

Ongoing renewal of your domain name so it will never expire while you’re a Small Business website owner.

Website Development

Using our standard template, which has a search engine friendly structure, your Landing Page will look professional but will be relatively ‘plain’ as it’s built to specifically rank well on Google and convert visitors into enquiries.

Ranking Reports

A monthly search engine ranking report (in PDF format) via email.The report will show you how well your keywords are working in the top 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ongoing SEO

Search Engine Optimisation will be performed on your homepage when your web site is first designed. There will then be a Google ranking review each month for the first 3 months to ensure your site is ranking well on the search engines. We will then do a quarterly review of the Google rankings and an SEO analysis/update to make sure your site is still optimised for Google and ranking well (in case Google changes their ranking methods/algorithms). The SEO will be concentrated on 1 main search term, but will include up to 3 other minor search terms aswell as targeted locations.

Search Engine Submission

Manual submission to the ‘big 3’ search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing and automatic submission to lots of other small directories. You will receive a premium business listing on Aussielinks and Sydney Businesses which includes a link to your site. Inbound links to your site help increase your Google rankings. Normally $22/month each.

Website Statistics

A monthly web site traffic report (in PDF format) via email.This will show how many visitors came to your site, where they came from (usually Google!), and how many enquiries you received. You will also be able to view your statistics online at any time to view graphs, reports, and drill down into a huge amount of detail about how your web site is performing, how the visitors are finding your site, what they searched for, and much more..

Annual software upgrades

In addition to updating our servers on an ongoing basis, we will also upgrade the online directory software at least annually, so your online directory (and your online control panel) will always be ‘cutting edge’ software with the latest features. This also ensures there are no security holes in your web site that hackers can use to hack into your site and make changes.

Features included in your Online Directory

Column 3
lists_page_icon_3Automatic link validation – The directory will automatically check all your links to make sure they are valid, so your directory won’t be linking to any sites that are no longer available.
lists_page_icon_3Automatic reciprocal link validation – The directory will automatically visit the web sites of your reciprocal link partners (if using this feature) to see if their sites are still linking to your directory. It can automatically disable their link in your directory if they no longer link back to your directory from their site. This saves you personally viewing all of the web sites yourself and disabling links in your directory yourself.
lists_page_icon_3Built-in email system with custom email templates

  • If you are looking for a way to make it easy to have a system for seeking and managing reciprocal links, this is a strong point of this program. Furthermore, the system makes it very easy to hire freelancers to help you do the work yet maintain a level of quality, and also be able to see exactly how much work was done.
  • Enter site name, url and email of webmaster and click submit and an introduction/invitation email is sent using the email template you created.
  • Multiple Email Templates can be used if desired, so it is easy to send a variety of messages efficiently.
  • When submitting, a variety of methods are used to check and then warn you in the event you are trying to email the same person or website. This becomes especially important on large campaigns over periods of time.
  • The PHP Mail Function, Sendmail or SMTP can be used by selecting the preferred method from the drop down menu. This is mainly a technical setting, however it can be used by us (the web hosting company) to help us ensure your emails are not blocked by spam filters.
lists_page_icon_3Search Engine (SEO) Friendly Pages – Instead of having addresses like, you will have addresses like – this will help you get higher rankings in the search engines, especially Google.
lists_page_icon_3Paypal Integration for Selling Featured Links – this allows anyone with a credit card to pay you online.
lists_page_icon_3Available in a dozen languages – These languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. These come pre-loaded. Please ask if the language you seek is not listed as we can add more.
lists_page_icon_3Create Reports of Link Request Emails sent to see who you’ve emailed.
lists_page_icon_3Unlimited Categories and Subcategories (we’ve tested it with over 2 million categories!)
lists_page_icon_3Set Expiration for Featured Links (eg. monthly, annually, lifetime)
lists_page_icon_3Powerful Emailer for Link Exchanges
lists_page_icon_3Link Submission

  • Visual Confirmation may be enabled to prevent spamming of your directory by automated scripts/bots.
  • Reciprocal Links can be required if you wish. If required, then when they click submit it views their site to make sure the link to your site exists before their listings is added to your directory.
  • Multiple directory submissions from the same site can be either allowed or disallowed.
lists_page_icon_3Automatically notify the person via email that you’ve received their reciprocal link application
lists_page_icon_3Automatically notify the person via email when their reciprocal link is accepted
lists_page_icon_3Automatically notify you via email each time a new listing is added (optional)
lists_page_icon_3Google Pagerank (it can display the ‘Google Pagerank’ of each site listed in your directory)
lists_page_icon_3Business Listings with Google Maps – Regional directories are getting very popular now, and the business listings feature allows for the listing of physical addresses. Then on the detail pages, you can see a map to the location via Google Maps.
lists_page_icon_3IP, Domain and Keyword Banning (so you can ban certain people from adding listings to your directory)
lists_page_icon_3Google Sitemaps Integration – This allows Google to index every single page in your directory, and it even contacts the Google servers to let them know when there is a change to your site!
lists_page_icon_3Admin Configuration Settings – There are various settings that you can update in your control panel to customise the way your directory operates. Some of these settings are –

  • Show Link and Category Counts (yes/no)
  • Show Subcategories on main index page
  • Show Google PageRank of links in the directory
  • Sort links in each category by PageRank, alphabetically or by number of hits.
  • No Follow Tags (prevent search engines from following links to other sites) – there are 3 options: disabled, all, or only follow when there is a reciprocal link
  • RSS feeds may be enabled so that all categories have an xml feed (this would be handy if other sites wanted to display the content/listings from your site).
lists_page_icon_3Yahoo Sitemaps Integration
lists_page_icon_3Show Latest Links
lists_page_icon_3Show Most Popular Links
lists_page_icon_3Sort Links by Alphabetical, Hits or PageRank
lists_page_icon_3Visual Confirmation is used to ensure ‘real people’ are requesting directory listings, instead of automated scripts/bots. It shows a code word and tells you to type it in before submitting the form.
lists_page_icon_3Compatible with all major internet browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
lists_page_icon_3Database Backup from within admin panel
lists_page_icon_3Encrypted Database Passwords
lists_page_icon_3When searching the directory, it lists matching category names in addition to the matching listings.
lists_page_icon_3Limited Access for Editors, so you can put different people in charge of managing different parts of your site without them having full access to ‘mess things up’.
lists_page_icon_3D3-Way Linking Ability (require reciprocal link to 3rd site)
lists_page_icon_3Open Links in New Window (Optional)
lists_page_icon_3Set the number of listings that show per page
lists_page_icon_3Reciprocal Links can be required (optional) for everyone who wants a listing in your directory
lists_page_icon_3Limit Hits on Links from a single IP/computer to prevent “hit spamming”
lists_page_icon_3Edit page templates from the online control panel
lists_page_icon_3Listing details page – each directory listing has a full web page – great for small businesses who don’t have a site
lists_page_icon_3Easily Move or Rename Categories
lists_page_icon_3Listings are searchable in the control panel – this helps you manage your directory when it has a lot of listings
lists_page_icon_3Import listings from XML Source (per category) – If you had the listings in an existing database, they could be imported into the online directory instead of manually entering them
lists_page_icon_3The online directory is continuously being improved and updated. We have a new release every few months, and continue to listen to user requests and try to bring the features people want.
lists_page_icon_3Category Search in your control panel, so you can still easily find categories when your directory gets large.
lists_page_icon_3Mass change listings and categories on a page with checkbox selections
lists_page_icon_3Each user can select their preferred language
lists_page_icon_3Paypal subscriptions available for payments – Sometimes featured links are sold on a subscription basis, so that people can renew after a period of time. This has been a good way for directory owners to continue to bring in revenue from existing clients. Once a client signs up, they are automatically billed before their listings expires, so they don’t need to do anything.
lists_page_icon_3Three category selection methods for submit form (default, auto-selected and AJAX category selection). The ajax category selection is a very modern way of allowing a person to select a category for their new listing. As they type the category name, a shortlist of matching categories will be automatically shown.
lists_page_icon_3Link validator in control panel will mark links where the reciprocal link page no longer exists
lists_page_icon_3Send status notifications to listing owners where there reciprocal link page no longer exists
lists_page_icon_3Change currency for payment (ex.: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY)
lists_page_icon_3Option to rebuild all meta tags from the control panel – helps with Google rankings
lists_page_icon_3In the control panel, you will have links to personally view the reciprocal link page for any listings that have been edited
lists_page_icon_3Allow users to submit custom META tags for links – helps with Google rankings
lists_page_icon_3Articles Module allows articles to be added into categories
lists_page_icon_3Article Submission by Users (optional)
lists_page_icon_3Users can comment and rate articles like a blog
lists_page_icon_3Language editor makes editing language files easier
lists_page_icon_3Quick subcategory adder makes adding categories faster
lists_page_icon_3Contact Us page with ‘captcha’ (blocks automatic scripts from submitting your contact form)

* All monthly transactions will be charged to your credit card automatically.

So get started today and call us on 1300 300 350!